SIDEWALK SALE: Thursday 10/22 from 4-7pm at 333 Main St. Masks Required.

About Us

Started in 2015, Rust & Sparkle is owned by Cindy Scherer, Laurie Sell, Natalie Dobry, and Madeline Sell. Crafting and making has always been a part of their family. Whether it be a Friday night activity or a family holiday, the girls in the family are always making something. So, when a building became open in Royersford, the dream of owning a store came to life!

Cindy Scherer is an art educator who has previously owned a store in Pottstown and has always sold her hand-painted and hand beaded jewelry to friends and family. When not teaching, Cindy can be found searching for vintage pieces to be up-cycled or honing a new craft technique. Natalie Dobry, her daughter, is also an art teacher and mom to four adorable kids. Natalie is always making art projects with her kids or re-decorating a room in her house. Both of their funky-eclectic styles and wares can be found in the shop.  

Laurie Sell is an occupational therapist by day and crafter by night. Making holiday decor and wreaths is a Laurie specialty! A recent addition following graduation from Parsons School of Design is Madeline Sell. Madeline's love for small business and connecting with customers over fashion is the perfect mix to the bunch. 
Together this family, has curated a mix of affordable and adorable gifts, clothing, decor, and jewelry. Follow us on instagram to see what's new in the shop and in our craft rooms!
photos by New Willow Photography